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Vishwa Yoga Journeys

Taking Adventurous Yogi's on Magical Yoga Adventours

&/Or Ayurvedic Yoga & Massage Training's In India

~ Since 2010 ~

Feb 9 ~ March 1, 2018

             21 Days

Vishwa Ayurveda

A South India Adventour

Thai Massage Training and/or Healing Retreat

Come For The Healing ~ Or ~ Come To Be A Healer

Come for the fun, relaxation and adventure

while receiving regular Thai Yoga Massage and other Ayurvedic Treatments.


Come for the fun, relaxation and adventure

while also becoming certified as a Level 1 & 2 Thai Yoga Massage practitioner

You can find many details about this Journey Here

And learn more about the Thai Yoga Massage Training Here

(just disregard the tuition cost on the massage training page, as that is for the local training) 

But, we first want to let you know that the yoga teacher training aspect of the training,

that is still somewhat unedited from that page, is omitted from this tour. 

This time, we are just focusing on having fun and taking it easy; 

in other words,  the massage and the "Adventour!"

And, even if you opt to do the massage training,

you will still have time for both having fun and taking it easy.


In past yoga teacher training's that would occur within this tour

we would often see so many things that we wanted to do, or do longer, 

but we wouldn't have time because we had to get back to the training classroom.

This time, though we will also enjoy lots of yoga in these amazing locations,

(with the addition of Mysore, but deletion Kerala)

this time we will focus more on these amazing locations;

without the constraints of an intense yoga training.

This means more lazy time on the beaches of Goa,

more time for exploring ancient stone temples or rock climbing in Hampi (optional),

more meditation in Pyramid Valley, a pilgrimage to Mysore, etc,

(But the thing I, personally, am most excited about...)

more involvement with an Auroville Celebration;

especially since we will arrive there

just in time for their 50th anniversary .

..which should be amazing!

So whether you are coming to learn massage or just get massaged, 

This journey is all about enjoying the journey!

(Learn More)

On the other hand...

If you are interested in both 

Yoga Teacher Training 

And a Yoga Adventour


Then you're probably going to be more interested in one of these other training's listed below:

Visit Vishwa Yoga Journeys

Facebook Page

March 7 ~ 27, 2018 

Vishwa Yoga Journey



Bengaluru, Mysore,

Pondicherry & Auroville

RYT 200Hr / 21 Day

Yoga Teacher Training


Do you have time for more?

Like to double these already fantastic deals?


Come For The Vishwa Ayurveda

Thai Massage Journey

(Feb 9 - Mar 1)

and stick around for the 

Vishwa Yoga Journey

Foundations Training

(March 7 ~ 27)

Take $500 off

your combined journey total!


Mid Jan ~ Mid Feb, 2019

Vishwa Yoga Journey

Vishwa Ayurveda Training and 

South India Adventour 


RYT 300hr / 28 Day

To learn more about this Journey, 

Click on the title to read about it,

but where it says currently that there is no yoga teacher training aspect of this training, as of Winter 2019 that will not be the case. 


FYI: If you have completed either the

200hr Foundations yoga teacher training 

or a 200hr yoga training elsewhere

then you can register the 300hr certificate from this training with Yoga Alliance to become an RYT 500.  

However, you do not have to complete any prior yoga teacher training program in order to take this Vishwa Yoga Journey.

This would only mean that you cannot register the certificate from this training with Yoga Alliance;

as many people want to take this journey and/or training but have no interest in

becoming a yoga teacher.

There are also many yoga teachers who

feel no need or have no interest in being

a member of Yoga Alliance.

If you do not know if you would want

to register your certificate(s) with Yoga Alliance

then maybe we can help you with that question

by having you 

Click Here

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