Vishwa Yoga Journey

RYT 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training / Tour

Goa, Bengaluru, Mysore, Pondicherry & Auroville

March 7 ~ 27,  2018

Though this training's home-base is at an organic farm on the outskirts of Bengaluru,

we will also take an excursion to Mysore, where yoga began to boom and bloom around the planet,

attracting seekers from every corner of the earth. While there we might also get to visit with a yogi who has been living in a cave for many years; but this depends if he is home or not.


There are many places to see in an around Bengaluru as well, but the greatest attraction is Auroville;

located on the outskirts of what was once a French settlement called Pondicherry;

and also home base for the world famous Sri Aurobindo Ashram.

This training is a new offering of Vishwa Yoga Journeys.

Over time we hope to develop this page as much as our other Yoga Journey pages.

Nevertheless, you can get the big picture regarding the Foundations training content Here.

And, as far as the Auroville excursion as well as a major theme of the training, 

the video below does a very good job.  

New Dates for this training have not been set as of yet, but we are looking at late Dec / early Jan. Locations could change slightly as well. 

FYI: Feb 28th, 2018 is the

50th Anniversary of Auroville 

making this an especially sweet time to visit! 

Journey Overview

The touring aspect of this training is not nearly as elaborate as that of the 300Hr Vishwa Ayurveda / Yoga Journey. This is partly because the training duration is an entire week shorter than that of the Vishwa Ayurveda tour. But, this can also fit better with the amount of time off an employer gives and/or may seem more appealing to those who want to travel... but not that much (as the 300hr training/journey takes quite a bit more travel endurance.) Thus, the bulk of this training is in one spot; mainly near an organic farm on the outskirts of Bengaluru.


Also, this training will mostly consist of English speaking local Indians.

Therefore you get more of a cultural immersion with the Indian people than the Indian landscape.

(But, if you want to get more into India's landscape, then be sure to take the 300hr Vishwa Ayurveda journey)


Nevertheless, if you have the time, more travel experiences can be arranged

with the help of our local Indian staff; and tailored to the experience you are looking for;

as well as the amount of time you have to spend away from home. 

Please come back to this page later

as we may have some better descriptions of the other excursions we will be taking.

But no matter how good any of our descriptions look

nothing is going to even come close

to the real thing! 

This training is tentatively planned for

March 7 ~ 27,  2018

(Dates could slightly change over the next few days)

There will be additional homework/readings/essays, etc., 

in order to complete all of the required hours of training.

The prices below do not reflect the cost of your flight, nor visa and passport fees. 

These prices do cover the 3 week training tuition, local travel expenses, lodging and most meals.

Early Bird Specials:

Dec 1 - 15 / $1500

Dec 16 - 31  / $1650

Jan 1 - 15 / $1800

Jan 16 - 31 / $1950

Feb 1 - 15 / $2100

Feb 16 - 28 / $2200


Passport and Visa Info

By Feb 7th you should already have your Passport and Visa

Unless you opt for India's new "visa on arrival"

But even for this you will need a passport and need to apply online well before your flight.

If you do not have a passport it can take up to a month to obtain. 

The safest process is to obtain your passport and visa before you purchase your flight.​​

As of Nov 28th, the round trip Flight Cost from Cincinnati to Bengaluru

for the dates of this training are around $1050 on

If you fly from Chicago it is only around  $795

Refund Policy:  CYS operates hand to mouth, so once a refund is requested it is possible that the funds have already been allocated towards operating costs. Thus, any refund can be very detrimental to CYS operations.  Therefore CYS in policy is under no obligation to give any refunds, which is also stipulated on the waiver that all students sign for classes and/or yoga training/touring. Nevertheless, if someone drops out of the training before it begins they may still - possibly - receive a refund upon request. However, even then it may take up to 6 months for full dispersal and is sometimes given in small increments. Partial refunds -which again may be given at the discretion of CYS but, again, not due to any obligation, would be based upon on how many modules the student has already attended and, again, could also take up to 6 months to disperse, and also possibly given in increments. This is not because of a lack of sympathy for anyone who requests a refund, but as a necessity to protect the ability of CYS to stay in operation.      


What Now?

If you haven't already, please read carefully over the 200Hr  Foundations training

Overview as well as the Syllabus.

As you read thru these please keep in mind that some of what you read is geared towards the local training held at CYS and therefore may not be applicable to this training in India. 


If it looks like this training is right for you then cut and paste the application from the Application tab.

You can paste the application into another email with your information and send it to  


Any questions? (513) 888-4720 or email Will at


We sincerely hope to be of assistance to you along this endlessly amazing journey!



Sorry, currently there is not another 200 hour training / journey of this kind scheduled. However, the 300hr Vishwa Ayurveda -Yoga Teacher Training is coming up And it is not required that you have this 200hr training prior to doing it. 

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