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Vishwa Ayurveda

Training  Schedule / Tuition / Payment Plans / Application / Book List

2018 Schedule

Module 1: June 2-3

Module 2: June 9-10

Module 3: June 30-July 1

Module 4: July 14-15

Module 5: July 28-29

Module 6: August 18-19

Module 7: August 25-26

Module 8: Sept 8-9

Module 9: Sept 15-16

Module 10: Sept 29-30

Module 11: October 6-7 

Module 12: October 13-14

Module 13: October 27-28

Module 14 TBD

Module 15 / Graduation Day - TBD

In addition to the training modules, students must also complete 15 Mysore Classes & 15 Meditation classes that should be spread throughout the duration of the training. [Ideally this would be at least twice per month] However, unlike the 200hr Foundations training, students will often be assisting in Mysore and leading and co-leading the Meditation on Sundays. 


Saturdays  1:00 - 7:00  /  Sundays 1:00 - 7:00

Mysore/Meditation Sundays are held nearly every Sunday of the year from 8:30 - 11:30

You do not have to attend My/Med Sundays on the same weekends as the Modules.

Nevertheless, two My/Med Sundays per month are most preferable to maintain good consistency.

15 Mysore/Meditation Classes Are Required In Total

Early Bird Discounts!

Vishwa Foundations Yoga Teacher Training Graduates 

Take $500 off the prices below!

If Tuition Is Paid Between...

March 22 - 31 / $2300

($1800 for 200hr training graduates) 

April 1 - 14 / $2350

($1850 for 200hr training graduates)

April 15 - 30 / $2400

($1900 for 200hr training graduates)

May 1 - 14  / $2450

($1950 for 200hr training graduates)

May 15 - 31 / $2475

($1975 for 200hr training graduates)

June 1 - 3 / $2500

($2000 for 200hr training graduates)

CYS Teachers also receive $500 off tuition

Plus an additional $100 for every year they have served at CYS

Payment Plan

$250 Deposit (non-refundable) + $150 per module/weekend

This comes to $2500

Refund Policy:

Please Note: Be as sure as humanly possible that if you start the training you can finish it.

Refunds are very hard on a small business that survives hand to mouth. 

Nevertheless, we understand life circumstances can cause someone to have to drop out of the training.

Therefore, refunds are considered under various circumstances, but

we are not obligated

to give a refund under any circumstances.


Vishwa Foundation Training Graduates do not need to fill out the application.

Book List:

You will receive an online training manual at no charge; unless you want a printed version.

(I would not be surprised if you can print it for less than i am able to).  

This list is not complete, but the books are not needed by any certain date. B

y the time the training starts you will receive an updated list.  


( S = Suggesterd  / HS = Highly Suggested  /  R = Required )


Vishwa Ayurveda Training Manual  (R)

Written and Compiled by

Google Docs E-Version - Free  

Printed B & W in 3 Ring Binder - $15  

Color - $25  (These are both less than wholesale)

Awakening The Heroes Within; Gloria Pearson   (R)

Ayurveda: The Natural Way To Wholeness; Roy Davis (HS) (This book is Highly Suggested if you do not haveany background knowledge or experience with Ayurveda. It is very basic but gives you a good platform to learn from going forward.)

Ayurveda and the Mind, Dr.Frawley (HS)

Astanga Practice Manual, Doug Swenson  (HS)

Animal Speaks; Ted Andrews  (S)

Earthing; Ober, Sinatra, Zucker (R)

Genius of Flexibility; Bob Cooley  (R)

Green Remedies: Healing Power of Herbs, Dr S. Babu (S)

Integral Healing; Sri Aurobindo and the Mother  (S) 

It's Not Your Fault, McGraw (R) (Read Soon)

The Lorax, Sr Seuss (S)

Meridian Tapping (This is just the topic.  i havent chose na specific title yet; i am perusing over several and can't decide which i like the best; i suggest you choose one that resonates with you and we compare in class.) (HS) 

re-Connect Your Dots, through the Anatomy Trains: A movement language...  - Suzi Alderete (HS)

Prescription for Nutritional Healing, Balch & Balch  (S)

Psychotherapy East and West; Alan Watts  (S)

Quitting the Habit of Being Yourself (R) Dr. Joe Dispenza

Spark in the Machine, Dr Daniel Keown (R)

Healing Cancer from inside out; Mike Andrews

Stripping The Gurus, Geoffrey Falk (R) 

     (This book can be found free online HERE)

     (Confessions of a Sikh Guru (S) is also free online)

Trigger Point Therapy Workbook;  Author? ask me later (R)

The Web That Has No Weaver, Ted Kaptchuk (HS)

World Peace Diet, Tuttle (R)

Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine (S)

Yoga for Cancer; Bijoylaxmi Hota   (HS)

Yoga for Diabetes Relief; Bharat Thakur  (S)

Yoga for a Healthy Heart; Bijoylaxmi Hota  (HS




Take It To The Next Level...


Vishwa Yoga Journey

Travel and Train in India

Winter 2018/19




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