Vishwa Yoga Journey

Schedule / Itinerary

Please Note:

The daily schedule of the VYJ is still being re-constructed for the upcoming Journey; as each year we like to refine it.  

As for the venue itinerary (Goa, Hampi, Pyramid Valley, Mysore, Auroville, Pondichery) it is pretty much complete. However, there is always some chance that the dates for each location could vary by 1 or 2 days between now (April 2020) and when the journey actually begins.

Goa: Dec 13 - 20

13 Sunday: Arrive, Rest, group dinner at 6pm

14 Monday:

7AM: Morning Practice (Optional; sleep in if you need to, but most students traveling from the far west find they wake up super early before they get accustomed to the time change.)

9AM: Showers, Breakfast, etc.

11AM: Class

1PM: Lunch, Siesta (advised), Free Time

3:30PM: Class

6PM: Dinner, Free Time

8PM: Class

9:30PM: Free Time ~ Be in bed by 10:30 to strengthen your integrity

15 Tuesday:

7AM: Morning Practice (still optional to sleep in) 

The rest of the day is the same as Monday


16 Wednesday:

7AM: Morning Practice (still optional to sleep in) 

9AM: Showers, Breakfast, etc.

11AM: Class

3:30PM: River boat, bird sanctuary ride

6PM: Dinner

8PM: Class

17 Thursday:

Same schedule as Monday (see above)

18 Friday:

6AM: Depart for Dudh Sagar Water Fall (Optional: This is the waterfall you see on our homepage with the train going in front of it, but at the foot of it you can actually swim. Yes, it's pretty awesome! However, besides the 2 hour drive to the Jungle, to get to the waterfall you will need to go "Four Wheelin'" in a Jeep for 45min thru the jungle, and then 45min back. And this is real 'four wheelin' too; tires spin in the creek and rocks as big as Ganesh statues that you will plow right over; meaning that you are likely to bounce way up out of your seat, again and again, and again. It's a lot of fun for the first 20 minutes, but like i said, it's 45 minutes; both their and back. In other words, for some people it's more fun than their bodies can handle.  Therefore, students have the option of skipping this adventure and just having free time at Palolem Beach. Or...

Alternate Excursion: If enough students are interested, we can arrange a trip to "Old Goa" to see an old Basilica (Yes, a Basilica, Goa actually has an big Christian population). There, besides the ancient church, are the ruins of Francis in a glass casket, that they declare has decayed very little (although it looked pretty far gone and dusty to me)

4:00: Class

6:PM: Dinner

7:30 Class

19 Saturday:

Same schedule as Monday (but no option to sleep in):

20 Sunday:

Same schedule as Monday, but at 3PM we will visit a special little "Tulsi Temple" for our 3:30 class  

21 Monday: Depart Goa by train at 6AM for Hampi (this is the train that goes by Dudh Sagar Waterfall)

Hampi: Dec 21 - 26

21 Monday: Arrive Hampi around 4:30 in the afternoon

5:30PM: Hike up and onto the boulders to watch an amazing sunset

7PM: Dinner at Mowgli

22 Tuesday:

7AM: Morning Practice

9AM: Showers, Breakfast, etc.

10:30AM: Ferry across the river

11AM: Class in one of the stone temples

1PM: Lunch at Chill Out

3:30PM: Class in the stone temple

5:30PM: Ferry back to Mowgli

6PM: Dinner, Free Time

8PM: Class

23 Wednesday:

5:30AM: Take Tuk Tuks to Sunrise Temple

9AM: Breakfast at Chill Out

11PM: Class among the ruins

1PM: Lunch at Chill Out

2:30PM: Ferry back to Mowgli

Free Time

5PM: Class

7PM: Dinner

Free Time

24 Thursday:

7AM: Bouldering (Rock) Climbing (Optional). The climbing guides begin with a short yoga practice.

(You can sleep in or practice asana on your own if you prefer)

10AM: Breakfast, showers, etc

11:30AM: Class

1PM: Lunch

2:30PM: Depart for Hanuman Temple / "birthplace" of Hanuman (be prepared to climb like 570 stairs)

4:00PM: Class at Hanuman Temple

5:00PM: Return to Mowgli

6:00PM: Dinner

Free Time

25 Friday:

26 Saturday: Depart Hampi by "sleeper train" on the evening of the 26th

27 Sunday: Arrive in Bangalore early in the morning, then take a pre-arranged mini-bus to Pyramid Valley; along the way we will stop for breakfast

Pyramid Valley: Dec 27 - 28 (Most of our time here is spent in silence and meditation)

27 Sunday: Arrive at Pyramid Valley before noon

28 Monday:

29 Tuesday: Mysore (optional) excursion to see the Mysore Palace. Those who come will leave early in the morning on the 29th and arrive back at the Pyramid that same evening.  / Those who remain at the pyramid will continue their practice of silence and meditation. 

30 Wednesday: Depart Pyramid Valley in the evening for Bangalore where we catch a "Sleeper Train" to Auroville (via Pondichery)  (...though sometimes we find it better to opt for the "Sleeper Bus")  


31 Thursday: Arrive in Pondichery around 7AM and take 30 min drive in "Tuk-Tuks" to...

Auroville: Dec 31 - Jan 3

31 Wednesday: 

Jan 01, Thursday:


02 Friday:  Pondichery (just a 30min drive from Auroville) is where we will  see the French influenced town where Sri Aurobindo built his Ashram;. We will spend the day here, but return to Auroville before dusk.

03 Saturday:  Around 8AM  we will meditate in the Matrimandir (Mother Temple)

Evening: Depart Auroville for Chennai Airport

Fly from Chennai to Bali through the night

Bali: Jan 4 - 9

04 Sunday: Arrive Bali early morning / Arrive at Ubud lodging before noon

05 Monday:

06 Tuesday:

07 Wednesday:

08 Thursday:

09 Friday: Our program ends at 6pm on this day but your lodging will be paid thru the night of Jan 9th until noon (check out) on Jan 10th. In many ways the 6 days we have in Bali are almost a cruel teaser for more. So do yourself a favor and don't plan on checking out a minute early. And, if at all possible, see if you can stay a few days extra; or better yet, opt for the 12 day retreat or 12 day Thai Yoga Massage training (see below).  Nevertheless, our graduation ceremony will be at 3pm on the 9th; so, if needed students can depart on the 9th. On the other hand, though students may need to check out of their rooms by noon on the 10th we have a place where we can hold their luggage if their departure flight isn't until later that day or evening; or until they can move to other lodging if they opt to stay longer.

Those who want to stay for our 12 day Yoga Retreat or to continue their Thai Yoga Massage training (also for 12 days), will have 5 days to rest before those events commence on Jan 15th.