Are you accessing your Feminine energies? In what ways are you being nurturing and supportive? Is your Feminine energy grounded? Are you providing sustenance for yourself and those you care about? How are you at holding space and allowing growth?

“It is said, Feminine energy is circular and flows like a river, finding its way into the smallest of crevices and tearing down the greatest of obstacles on its way to the sea.”

What can you do to cultivate your Feminine energy? In what ways might you be suppressing your feminine energy? Is your Feminine energy being overly active in areas of your life? Or is it deficient? (Quite often with men it is deficient.)

It should be noted that The Feminine is also associated to the Water element and (Kapha Dosha: the combination of water and earth in Ayurveda). Water also controls Fire; the element that is associated to the masculine. In other words, as water can cool and thus control fire, the feminine can also cool / control the masculine.  

As you read thru the virtues below,

ask yourself if you have too much,

not enough, or are just right.

Score yourself as too much with a +1

not enough with a - 1

and just right with a 0



Yin Qualities














Yang Qualities




















Feminine / Caregiver

*The root word of Boundary is Bond.

Good boundaries are not meant to seperate, but to support good bonds.


The caregiver is the antithesis of the narcissist. But rarely does the narcissist know s/he is the antithesis of a caregiver. These are extremes, but a good question to ask one's self is "To what degree [if any] do I care if anyone is looking when i help someone or do a good deed?" In other words, does your caregiver need acknowledgement? If so, you are probably deficient of earth, of acceptance, of a feeling of belonging, and other qualities associated to earth.  The caring you show to others may be more about yourself (a bit narcissistic); perhaps because the caring given to you was deficient of earth too. But, whatever the reason, most everyone has a bit of a narcissist within them; if only for self preservation. The question is whether it shows up excessively, deficiently or in the right measure. If your caregiver shows up like a martyr you might want to check your level of narcissism.  if your caregiver never shows up at all, you may want to check your level of narcissism. But if you show up in a truly caring way while also making sure you are not harming yourself while you care for others; nor care if anyone is watching, then you are probably a pretty balanced caregiver.  

Yin and Yang / Feminine and Masculine are in every element, but often will have more characteristics that line up with a certain side. (i.e water is more feminine and fire is more masculine). But the qualities of Earth element are unique because they seem to  have a  more equal measure of yin and yang. Nevertheless there is a bit of a slant towards the yin / feminine (aka Mother Earth). Nevertheless, if these measures are disturbed it will cause an imbalance that impedes Earths qualities.

Earth Deficient

From the virtues list above, if you added your number of negatives and they surpass your positives then you are probably earth deficient. However, if you did not take the time to add these up you can simply ask yourself the following questions:

Have your boundaries been crossed?

Do they get crossed often?

Are you not feeling safe or stable?

Do you lack satisfaction or sweetness in life?

Do you easily become addicted?

This is an indication of an earth element deficiency.

In addition to cultivating the earth qualities and archetypes listed above, you may also want to call in the fire element energies; as fire supports earth.

Earth Excessive

From the virtues list above, if you added your number of positives and they surpass your negatives then you are probably earth excessive. However, if you did not take the time to add these up you can simply ask yourself the following questions:

Is it hard for you to get moving?

Do you stay where its always comfortable? 

Are you a bit stubborn?

Do you cross boundaries to get what you want? 

This is an indication of excessive earth element.

Therefore, consider cultivating the characteristics of space;

as space controls excessive earth. 

Earth Reset!

Earth Element Meridians