The Warrior

Men are still in their infancy of learning to navigate a domesticated world. For millennia, in most cultures and countries, men have been the prominent source of Warrior energy. Men have been responsible for hunting and protecting. This history is hardwired in the brains of modern men. There was a time when this energy was a constant necessity for survival.

While this energy is still present within men, often unconsciously, our world has developed in a manner that makes this energy less suitable to sustainable and safe living. The world needs men to adapt their Warrior energy from aggressive tendencies to a more peaceful way of getting things done.

Let me be clear early on, I am not suggesting some Utopian world where there is never a need/time for physical violence. If one is in imminent danger or if a tyrant is threatening stability of a people then aggression may be required for protection. There will always be individuals and groups seeking to cause suffering to others. At the same time, a healthy Warrior has nothing to prove and can afford to seek every opportunity for peaceful resolution.

Unfortunately, Mature Masculinity rarely shows up in today’s world. In an attempt to express this outdated Warrior energy men have largely devoted their lives to war, sports, politics and business. This is not necessarily a new problem; however, the problem has gotten worse as population has rapidly increased and weaponry has advanced. Additionally, war, sports, politics and business are not inherently negative pursuits.

The problem is the manner in which these acts are carried out. When a nation goes to war to gain control over oil when alternative energies are accessible or when cooperative agreements could be sought, that is a problem. When businesses and individual business leaders put profits ahead of people, that is a problem. When children get left out of sports because the most important factor is winning, when coaches and players are willing to engage in violent acts due to a bad call or from taunting one another, those are problems. When politicians make re-election and campaign contributions more important than ensuring everyone pays their fair share in taxes, everyone is educated effectively and has healthcare, those are problems.

All of these are examples of how Warrior energy shows up in unhealthy ways and is detached from other archetypal energies in their healthy states (Lover, Magician, King).

The world needs emotionally mature men. The world needs men to embrace all of their archetypal energies and discover how to share them in a manner that is integral and healthy.