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Great! You've got a Full Week of Free and Unlimited Classes* to try out both of our locations! Use this time to find the classes that are best for you. Then choose the location and pricing plan that fits you best as well. ~And don't worry, you will not be automatically ¨signed-up¨ for anything after your free trial; and there will never be any sales pressure, ever!

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Class Schedule

6:00pm ~Yin Yoga w/ Will 
7:15pm ~ New Class Coming Soon!

6:00pm ~ Beginners/Basics w/Susan
7:20pm ~ Restorative Yoga w/ Susan

9:45am ~ Yin Yoga w/ Annie 
6:00pm ~ Mysore & Meridians w/ Jade
(Please see description below)

6:00pm ~Yin Yoga w/ Annie 
7:30pm ~ Acro Yoga w/ guest teacher

10:00am ~ Mixed Levels w/ Ellen

9:15am ~ Conscious Flow w/Lynn (also on Zoom)
10:40am~TriYoga Salutation Flows w/Mary

9:00am ~ Mysore Style w/ Will
Some self-practice experience required. Please read description below.
10:35am ~ Sacred Circle

1st & 3rd Sundays
Ananda Meditation* - 11:30am
Please read description below

The asterisk  (*) seen besides some of the classes indicates that it is a 

Donation Based Class

Donations can be anonymous and should be placed in the white donation lock-box in the Virtues First display in the lobby. 

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If you need any further description of theses classes, please let us know by sending an email with your questions to: 

New Beginners / Basics

If you have never done yoga before, have taken a long break or just practiced with some videos, this class is for you. You will be slowly introduced to the fundamentals of yoga for a transition into our other courses; or stick with this one. The Basics are always good to come back to from time to time. -The pace is gentle and helps you to slow down, relax, and focus.

Acro Yoga   Acrobatic partner yoga. During these crazy covid times you will need to bring your own partner.

Conscious Flow

This is a well-rounded mixed levels class: centering, a slow warm up, some flow time, a challenge here or there, then cooling down and reconnecting to your center; all to a thoughtfully created music playlist to enliven and sustain you as you practice. Sometimes pranayama will be incorported into the class and during shavasana you may sometimes be guided thru Yoga Nidra.  (...and once it becomes covid safe again, you might be blessed with some of Lynn's extra special touches, such as annointing anoint necks with essential oils and adjusting shoulders, etc. :)

Slow Vinyasa Flow

Flowing asanas connected to breath, with longer holds than a typical Vinyasa class, but not as long as Yin. Good for beginners but can be challenging enough for experienced yogis as well.

Acu-Postures (TM)

This class will combine the healing and revitalizing powers of both Asana Postures and Acu-pressure! 

(Not currently offered at the Temple studio but will return; or you can attend at the Panch Maha studio in Clifton)

Yin Yoga
All levels, including brand new students. Poses held passively for longer durations to allow “release” over stretching. A safe and gentle exercise for the connective tissue.  /  Taoism teaches us about the Yin and the Yang. To strive for something is considered Yang and to be with things as they are is Yin. Most people today are constantly striving for more and more and more, but never take the time (or may not even know how) to simply be with things as they are. Yang is the striving for life, Yin is the quality of life;what you have achieved that brings you to who you are in the here and now. ~ So if you feel stuck in constant striving, if you dont know how to let go, to turn it off for a while, then you need Yin:  Passive, Meditative Stretching that reaches the connective tissues and what's going on deep down inside of you. Students learn to truly Let Go, allow, and be at peace with what is. This is not a work-out. You will not sweat. You will not strive. You will learn to be at peace with your self as you are, here and now.

TriYoga: All levels. TriYoga Flows is a complete hatha yoga method. In the TriYoga Flows, breath and focus are united with flowing and sustained postures in systematized sequences. Since the method is systematic, students can progress from Basics to Level 1 and then to subsequent levels as they increase their flexibility, strength, endurance and knowledge. Through sustained awareness on all aspects of the practice, the inner flow naturally emerges. This trinity practice is by the nature of its origin, deeply meditative and transformative.

Mixed Levels: 

Experienced beginners through intermediate level. Refined alignment and breathing; more holding and a slightly faster pace. Also explores inversions, backbends, and strong standing poses (but never headstands).

Mysore (Palace) Style (aka Open Practice): 

Experienced beginners through highly advanced students are welcome to practice in quiet (without being continually  led by the verbage of the teacher) while receiving individualized guidance and adjustments from the teacher. Great for yogis who would like to deepen their self-practice in a collective, meditative environment. Some know this practice as simply Mysore Style, but in keeping with the original way it was taught by, Sri Krishnamacharya, in the Mysore Palace of Mysore, India, with less rigid rules allowing for more exloration, we feel theneed to differentiate it from what it has become in wider circles. You can read more about Mysore practice on the Teacher Training page sub-menu.

This class is free, but anonymous donations of any amount are requested for our karma yoga projects. (

Mysore & Meridians:

This is pretty much the same Mysore class mentioned above, however, this class will begin with a rolling along the meridian lines using the weighted fitness balls (much the same way a foam roller is used). The teacher will guide students on how to roll along the meridians in the beginning , but it usually isn't long until the training wheels can come off and you can easily do it on your own. Students can continue rolling as long as they like or move into a more typical Mysore Practice (as described above) whenever they want.

Sacred Circle

This is the CYS Sangha: a spiritual support group exploring meditative health &  healing modalities: 5 Element Meditations, Meridian Tapping, Mantra, Working with a Wayfarers Staff, Shadow work,  World Scriptures, and sharings & discussions on various yogic topics. 

Ananda Meditation

A spiritual support group exploring meditative practices as well as meditations upon the writings Kriya Yoga within the lineage of Paramahansa Yogananda. 

Restorative Yoga ...with Reiki :)

Certified Restorative Teacher, Susan Fryman, brings back this pre-covid class from last year, but with an added (non) touch of Reiki. (Yes, Reiki can be done without actually touching)​. BKS Iyengar is credited with the development of restorative yoga. He noted how pain or injury can result from straining in a yoga pose and  he experimented with props so students could practice without strain. He noticed how these modified poses could help people recover from illness or injury. (However, due to current covid restrictions this class will be muchless prop intensive). Restorative yoga stimulates and relaxes the body to move toward balance and is generally for those times when you feel weak, fatigued or stressed from daily activities.


Restorative yoga helps relieve stress in several ways:

1. Props can provide a completely supportive environment for total relaxation.

2. Each sequence is designed to move the spine in all directions.

3. Inventions reverse the effects of gravity-- fluids are returns to the upper body and heart function is enhanced. Hormone levels are altered, this reduces brain arousal, blood pressure and fluid retention.

4. Organs are alternately stimulated and soothed.

5. Energy is balanced.


...Classes we've held in the past ...and could return again (...just keep asking ;)

Beginners (Non-Scary) Power Yoga:
Intermediate. A gentler version of Power Yoga, but still a bit challenging. A great place to begin if you are in reasonably good shape and would like to investigate a more vigorous asana practice. Build strength, endurance and flexibility in a supportive, noncompetitive environment as you explore the postures, Vinyasas (connected posture flows) and breathwork associated with the Primary Series.

Beginner Acro Yoga: it might be best to see a video of this to get an idea. But if you search it on Youtube and you see something wild and scary you found the wrong video. This is a Beginner Acro class. It can be certainly be challenging, but only what your ready for. 


Power Yoga: 

Beginner/Intermediate - Challenging. Learn integration of breath and movement through Vinyasa (connected posture flows) and proper alignment of postures in the "Primary Series". Vigorous asanas blended with deep breathwork.


Vinyasa Flow: This is a vigorous workout, similar to Power Yoga but with more emphasis on having a continuous Stream of postures linked together like a flowing dance. 

(Life as...) Meditation: 
Meet and be a part of the CYS community. A Sangha is ones spiritual support group. After we check in with one another we then meditate together using a variety of methods but mostly based upon Vipassana Meditation. No yoga / meditation experience required. Donations are requested anonymously, but not required.

Meridian Yoga:

A gentle to moderate class, sometimes incorporating Yin and sometimes Yang, to open, strengthen and activate the healing energy lines of the body known as meridians. 

Yoga For Your Mind

Please Join Dr. Kiran Bhatia to nourish your mind and lift your spirits. "Kiranji" begins the class with a philosophical exploration of various yogic concepts, such as the Ideals behind the Hindu Idols. Characteristic of her teaching, Kiran helps you to relate your own challenges to the typical pitfalls of all humanity; as they find representation in Hindu and other world mythology. Therein one can begin to see what the truly negative and vain idols are: money, greed, pride, envy, etc...

Thus, the Hindu Idol is more appropriately understood as that which represents the Divine Ideal; and the stories behind these Idols/Ideals can show you how one can replace such negative idol-ambitions with attributes-virtues that are in positive association to the Divine. ~This is just one example of how a class/satsang with Kiran may flow, but be prepared for anything. Kiranji's wisdom and approach is unbounded!  


Slow Flow and Meridian Roll

Way better and more fun than a foam roller, in this class we roll on weighted "medicine balls." In doing so we get a great fascial release along the bodies healing energy lines, most popularly known as meridians.  In the process, you will also learn where these lines are located as well as their magical powers!

Yoga Happy Hour  

Unwind from the week. Link breath to motion and clear the mind while increasing strength and flexibility. Open to all fitness levels: individuals who have gotten away from exercise but are now ready to tune into the body, as well as athletes who wish to cross-train and increase flexibility. Its a group class, but thorough individual instruction, adjustments and modifications will be given as needed to meet the needs of all students


Recovery Yoga: Not currently offered at CYS. Contact Jeff Emerson if you would like to find a class at:
* Mainly attended by those striving to conquer substance abuse. Nevertheless, open for anyone who wants to heal in any way whatsoever. Class ends with a time of sharing, prayer and meditation.  


LEGACY / Classes from Long ago, but still could return.

Sun Do / Korean Taoist Yoga

Literally: the Immortal Way  ~ combines stretching and breath control of Hatha Yoga with the movements and ki (chi) flow development of Tai Chi. SunDo predates many Indian yoga and Tai Chi systems, and has been practiced virtually unchanged since it was founded nearly 10,000 years ago in ancient Korea. / A Sun Do practice begins with a series of stretching warm-ups and slow moving sequences which lead into a 40 minute period of tancheon (lower abdominal-embryonic) breathing in sync with Korean chanting that plays in the background. The practice ultimately helps to open the Sacral Chakra for bringing heaven and earth energy to ones center and cultivate energy.   



20 minutes of Yoga / 30 minutes of walking/jogging/running / (its up to you)  / 20 minutes of Yoga


5 Element Yoga Therapy

There is too much to describe here. Click on the tab above: Lotus Yoga Clinic / Elemental Yoga Therapy. Though that page describes more of what a one-on-one session is like it will still give you an idea of what a group class is like. Class begins with a 20 to 30 minute discussion of the Element.


An Afro-Brazilian art form, a fluid, rhythmic martial art; a ritual; a dance of deceptive vulnerability, wit, and grace. The intricate movements of Capoeira weave tradition, history, spirituality, and philosophy into a uniquely beautiful "game". Probably the most challenging aerobic, flexibility and acrobatic form of art/exercise you will ever find!   (Please Note: This can be a very challenging class. If you are not ready to sweat and get your heart pounding, you might want to consider another class.) 


Capoeira Yoga Flow: 

This class is a combination of Power Yoga and Capoeira (see below). You will be surprised how many Capoeira maneuvers resemble yoga postures while also optimizing one of the key ideas behind Power Yoga: Heat! Capoeira Yoga Flow will make you sweat - a lot - and this is great for getting deeper into the postures.  



If you are a bit older you might remember a certain president who had "Fireside Chats" over the radio with America. He got the idea from attending Baha'i Firesides. These are informal discussion groups that take on various topics among the world religions in search of truth, common ground, and unity.


Inter~Active Yoga

A variety of fun ways to connect with others. It usually starts with partner yoga, leading to some group exercises, and ultimately toward some simple methods of therapeutic Acro~Yoga.


Yoga Journeys: a combination of yoga, meditation, other holistic methods; even a little time for Mysore Style practice (see Mysore description on this page) all wrapped up in one!


Yoga Book Club  

It isn't necessary that you have read the chosen book before hand. It will be the focus for the first several gatherings. Some snacks provided, but please feel free to bring something to share. (No meat or alcohol please) Led by Professor Annie (NKU)


Gentle Yoga: Gentler than a regular Basics class, and students can also modify poses for more challenge, or enjoy it as restorative. Good for anyone who needs a careful and gradual approach to exercise, such as persons who have been physically inactive or recovering from injury, illness, seniors, pregnant or two months after childbirth.


All Levels Astanga: All levels. Covers all eight limbs of Patanjali’s classic yoga system: Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Raj Meditation.


Slow Flow: Beginners and intermediate students who want to simply relax and open with a slow, non-challenging, practice. Breathe, move, and feel your way through simple vinyasa flow, meditation, and relaxation to harmonize on every level—body, mind, and spirit.


*Hot Salsa Yoga: 

First we warm up with some Basic Yoga Asana, then we learn the basics of Salsa Dancing while simultaneously getting a fun aerobic workout. Furthermore, we learn how to connect with music and others in creative flow. The interplay between focus and flow while attenuating to another person is actually a deep practice; everything becomes yoga when you learn how to connect!  (*Hot only implies that you will sweat by your own efforts. We will not be heating up the room.)


Delsarte Choreography and Dance: No yoga or dance experience required. Learn to see, feel, and express the natural art within all things.


Pre-natal Yoga: For after the first trimester. Learn different breathing techniques and how to use breath and sound to release pain.  Focus on hips and hamstrings to prepare for birth. ** If high-risk pregnancy, need permission from doctor.**


Yoga Therapy: Basics. Good for anyone who needs a careful and gradual approach to exercise, such as persons who have been physically inactive or recovering from injury, illness, seniors, pregnant or two months after childbirth. Gentler than a regular basics class, and students can also modify poses for more challenge, or enjoy it as restorative.

Yoga Pilates: The core strength of Pilates blended with the holism of yoga. Discover your powerhouse and explore complete range of motion through every major joint in the body in every plane of movement. The routines will focus on using proper body alignment and increasing body awareness to improve coordination, balance, flexibility, and strength. Prerequisite - some experience in yoga or Pilates.

GroovAsana: Get into the meditative groov with this Mysore style class performed to hypnotic beats. It's not anything like your typical class and the music is turned up to the point that even if the instructor says anything it won't bother you... because you won't hear him. Don't forget, you can hang out afterwards for the yoga after-party.

Progressive Meditation: This series is in response to the many requests of Will to continue the Vipassana and Progressive Meditation workshop he held back in July. The sessions will include philosophy, discussion, instruction, practice and reflection. Will has just returned from an intensive 2-month study in India and has lots to share with us.

Ambrosia: The salubrious nectar of a full yoga practice:  Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation.


Zumba: Zumba is not just a work-out regimen, Zumba fuses Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program that is thoroughly exciting and will leave you wanting more! Zumba helps you achieve long-term benefits while having FUN in one exciting hour of calorie-burning, body-energizing, awe-inspiring movements meant to engage and captivate.

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