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New To Panch Maha Yoga?

Great! You've got a Full Week of Free and Unlimited Classes! ...And don't worry, you will not be automatically ¨signed-up¨ for anything after your free trial. However, if you become a member within 1 week of completing the free trial you will get 20% Off (...about $13 less per month!) See Membership Plans Here


Please Note: This is primarily a "hot yoga" studio.
* = 90 degrees /  ** = 95 degrees*** = 100 degrees / **** = 105 degrees 
NFB = Not For Beginners
GFA = Good For All, even non-beginners
MFB = Maybe good for a beginner who is in average to good shape

Most classes also have an Elemental Focus!

E=Earth,  W=Water,  F=Fire,  A=AirS=Space
(Click on an element to learn more about its powers!)

Most classes are 65 to 75min, and some 90min.
If you must leave early, please do so very quietly and mindful of others.

Scroll down to see detailed class descriptions
7:15am Aruna Flow
MFB ** Will
 Power Flow
NFB *** Jade
7:15pm Yin Yoga
GFA ** Kristin

9:30am Panch Flow
MFB ** Will
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7:00pm Hot Basics / Beginners
GFA ** Kristin
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7:15am Aruna Flow
MFB ** Will
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6:00pm Ground Core
MFB *** Will
7:30pm Yin Yoga
GFA ** Will

9:30am Panch Flow
MFB*** Will
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6:30pm Vinyasa Flow
NFB *** Laura
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7:15am Aruna Flow
MFB ** Will
6:00pm Power Flow
NFB *** Jade

Park at meter on Saturdays ($1.25/hr) instead of nearby garage which is $7 on Saturdays.
However, M-F the garage is best, at just $1 for 90min.

9:30am Maha Flow
90min - NFB *** Will
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Meter parking is Free All Day on Sundays!
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7:30pm Dragon Flow
NFB *** Jade
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Your Panch "Maha Membership" also gives you access to classes such as AcroYoga, Conscious Flow, TriYoga, Restorative, etc. 


The Lotus Yoga Temple

(..just a 12min drive to: 6125 Ridge Ave, 45213)

Lotus Temple Class Schedule

Still Not Enough?

Take some Zoom Classes too!

Zoom Class Schedule

Free / Donation


If a class you see in the list above is not described adequately enough for you below, you can contact us at to learn more about it. 

Acu-Postures (Coming Soon!)

This class is as educational as it is therapeutic. It combines the healing and revitalizing powers of both Asana Postures and Acu-Pressure!  Thus, you will learn about the bodies energy channels (aka Meridians or Nadis) and their corresponding elements.

Acro Yoga: it might be best to see a video of this to get an idea. But if you search it on Youtube and you see something wild and scary you found the wrong video. This is a Beginner Acro class. It can be certainly be challenging, but only what your ready for. 

Hot 26 & 2: Yoga has always been hot in India, but a guy named Bikram made it popular in the US by turning up the heat to replicate the level of heat a yogi would practice in India. He also extracted and sequenced 26 classic yoga postures that also became very popular in the west; as well as leading to Bikram's fame. But, as many yogis know, his fame quickly turned to shame as many scandals surfaced; as they often do around self-proclaimed gurus. However...) Bikram didn't invent any of the 26 postures, but it is a great selection and put in a great sequence that is accessible to students at many levels. The "2" in the title represents 2 great breathing practices that are integrated into the sequence as well. 

Power Yoga: 

Beginner/Intermediate - Challenging. Learn integration of breath and movement through Vinyasa (connected posture flows) and proper alignment of postures in the "Primary Series". Vigorous asanas blended with deep breathwork.

Power Flow:

A combination of Power Yoga (see above) and Dragon Flow (see below).

Yoga Capoeira:

This class is a combination of Power Yoga and a Brazilian martial art known as Capoeira (see below). You will be surprised how many Capoeira maneuvers resemble yoga postures while also optimizing one of the key ideas behind Power Yoga: Heat! Yoga Capoeira will make you sweat - a lot! ...which is great for getting deeper into yoga postures; which in turn will improve ones game of Capoeira  ...But what is Capoeira you ask?..


Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian art art; a fluid, rhythmic martial art; a ritual, and a dance of the body as well as one's wits, and all applied with grace. The intricate movements of Capoeira weave tradition, history, spirituality, and philosophy into a uniquely beautiful "game". Probably the most challenging aerobic, flexibility and acrobatic form of art/exercise you will ever find! well as an awesome way to cultivate your Fire Element qualities, such as: joy, charisma, dance, power & perseverance!

Please note that this class is rather vigorous and therefore may not be suitable for those who are not aerobically ready.

Ground Core

This class was formerly called Core Power, but we learned there is a big corporation under the same name. But it is as much as about grounding as it is core-strength so I think we finally settle on the name.

Like the Earth, your Core holds it all together. Thus, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, core strength is related to the Earth Element, and its corresponding qualities of holding, strengthening, steadfastness, etc. It can bring a whole new experiential understanding of what it means to "hold your ground" as well as feeling deeply grounded in stillness, peace and integrity. Learn more about the Earth Element HERE.

Dragon Flow

This a beautiful flowing sequence developed by famous yogi anatomist, Paul Grilley. It is meant to focus on the qualities of the Water Element and its corresponding kidney and Bladder meridians. (Learn more about the Water Element Here) 

Please note that this class is rather vigorous and therefore may not be suitable for those who are not aerobically ready.

Dragon Fly

Another beautiful flowing sequence inspired by famous yogi anatomist, Paul Grilley. It is meant to focus on the qualities of the Air Element and its corresponding Lung and Large Intestine meridians. Also includes Pranayama (Breath control exercises) Learn more about the Air Element HERE

Twisting Dragon

Side Bends and Twists are assocaiated with the Liver and Gallbladder meridians that correspond to the Space Element. they lend themselves to benefit those organs, but also give us a feeling of openness (space) that can add new dimensions to our perspectives. The space element also cultivates, courage, trust and faith. 

(Surya Namaskar ...) Aruna Flow

In India, the yoga flow known in English as "Sun Salutations" is the most revered. In the Mumbai Airport there is even a giant sculpture illustrating the sequence. Furthermore they say that "Five Sun Salutations should be one's minimum daily requirements" for yogic exercise; and ideally done in the morning. There are many types of Sun Salutations and my teacher, "MasterJi" Sivaram Vishwanath, remarked from time to time about the beautiful names of 2 important types. In English they are just referred to as "A" and "B". But MasterJi would say, "They have such beautiful names: Aruna and Maha!" implying that it is a shame to call them A and B.   Aruna is the first light of the Sun as the dawn breaks upon the horizon, and Maha means Great or Grand. It is the full effulgence of the Sun that is seen after it has risen into the sky. Furthermore, Surya is not just the name of the Sun but of the Deity (aka: Idol -which means Ideal or Ideal Energy) that not only makes life possible, but also chases the way the clouds and makes one fully of joy. And of course, Namaskar means to Salute or pay homage, as we should, to this powerful and beautiful energy; a magnificent expression of the One God -that has many Names and endless Attributes! (Yes, Hinduism is actually a monotheistic religion). Thus, when we do Surya Namaskar Aruna we are starting our day with a moving meditation of Gratitude for that which bestows us our very life!

(Surya Namaskar ...) Maha Flow

The only differences between Aruna Flow (see above) and Maha Flow is the pace, which is a little faster, and the temperature which is 10* hotter. Also, this class is 75-80min (instead of 65) but it's no problem if you need to leave early. 


Everyone knows a bit about Biology. But do you know about the intelligent life force (Qi, Chi, Prana) that courses through our biology? Well, in this class you don't just learn about it, but also experience it's healing and transforming powers, thru the mediums of: Tai-Chi, Qi-gong and the Delsarte System of harmonic movements.  ~ Great for improving your balance too! 

Vinyasa Flow

Flowing asanas connected to breath, with longer holds than a typical Vinyasa class, but not as long as Yin. Good for beginners but can be challenging enough for experienced yogis as well.  Any "Flow" class cultivates the Water Element. Learn more about the Water Element Here (but being that it is also a hot and somewhat vigorous class it also invokes many qualities of the

Fire Element)

Yin Yoga:

"It's surprising how so many things start to work better after just unplugging for a while."

This is an All Levels class, including brand new and adept students. Poses are held passively and for a much longer duration than most any non-yin class. Students get deeper into the postures by learning how to "connect" the mind to the body (aka yoga) teaching it how to “allow" "release” and "let go". It may sound easy to let go, but for most people it is an acquired skill. Also, by getting deeper by letting go (rather than pulling or pushing yourself deeper) yin stretches reach into the connective tissues which hold onto stress and block the elemental energies. / Taoism teaches us about the Yin and the Yang. To strive for something is considered Yang and to be with things as they are is Yin. Most people today are stuck in a Yang state of mind: constantly striving for more and more and more. As a consequence they rarely take the time (or may not even know how to take the time) to simply be with things "as they are" (vipassana). As yogia and anatomist, Paul Grilley, put it: 'Yang is the striving we do to achieve more in life... Yin is the quality of life "as it is." What you have achieved that brings you to who you are in the here and now. ~ So if your like most folks, feeling stuck in the mode of constant striving, if you don't know how to let go, how to turn it off for a while, then you need Yin Yoga!   // This class helps to balance the "yang tendencies" of the  Air Element by imploying the countering Yin qualities of the air element ...which you can learn more about HERE.

Vipassana Meditation + Yoga Nidra

Most of the misery one experince in life is due identification with the body. In other words, we are under an illusion that we Are our body, and so when the body breaks down we feel it as ur very essence breaking down. Vipassana Meditation is a method that can get you to not just understand, but to experience that the body is just your temple ~ notthe spirit taht dwells within it.  / Yoga Nidra is also a meditation. It basically means Yogic Sleep, but it is not exactly sleep either. It combines a deeply relaxing meditation with the power of intention. In other words, Yoga Nidra process puts you in between the wakeful and sleeping state; between worlds ~ a twilight zone. Therein one is able to state an Intention (sankalpa) but also release it, without attachment -which is a powerful key to purifying ones intentions and thereby making it more likely to manifest. Many people also find Yoga Nidra very restful and a great way of "letting go" in general; which is both restful and revitalizing. // This class cultivates the qualities of the Space Element... learn more about that HERE.

As a Panch Maha member (Maha Membership) you also have access to classes at the Lotus Yoga Temple in Pleasant Ridge.

We have more classes for you at our other studio in Pleasant Ridge:

Lotus Yoga Temple Class Schedule


...Classes we've held in the past ...and could return again (...just keep asking ;)

(Life as...) Meditation: 
Meet and be a part of the CYS community. A Sangha is ones spiritual support group. After we check in with one another we then meditate together using a variety of methods but mostly based upon Vipassana Meditation. No yoga / meditation experience required. Donations are requested anonymously, but not required.

Meridian Yoga:

A gentle to moderate class, sometimes incorporating Yin and sometimes Yang, to open, strengthen and activate the healing energy lines of the body known as meridians. 

Yoga For Your Mind

Please Join Dr. Kiran Bhatia to nourish your mind and lift your spirits. "Kiranji" begins the class with a philosophical exploration of various yogic concepts, such as the Ideals behind the Hindu Idols. Characteristic of her teaching, Kiran helps you to relate your own challenges to the typical pitfalls of all humanity; as they find representation in Hindu and other world mythology. Therein one can begin to see what the truly negative and vain idols are: money, greed, pride, envy, etc...

Thus, the Hindu Idol is more appropriately understood as that which represents the Divine Ideal; and the stories behind these Idols/Ideals can show you how one can replace such negative idol-ambitions with attributes-virtues that are in positive association to the Divine. ~This is just one example of how a class/satsang with Kiran may flow, but be prepared for anything. Kiranji's wisdom and approach is unbounded!  


Slow Flow and Meridian Roll

Way better and more fun than a foam roller, in this class we roll on weighted "medicine balls." In doing so we get a fascia release along the bodies healing energy lines, most popularly known as meridians.  In the process you learn where these lines are located as well as their magical powers!

Yoga Happy Hour  

Unwind from the week. Link breath to motion and clear the mind while increasing strength and flexibility. Open to all fitness levels: individuals who have gotten away from exercise but are now ready to tune into the body, as well as athletes who wish to cross-train and increase flexibility. Its a group class, but thorough individual instruction, adjustments and modifications will be given as needed to meet the needs of all students


Recovery Yoga: Not currently offered at CYS. Contact Jeff Emerson if you would like to find a class at:
* Mainly attended by those striving to conquer substance abuse. Nevertheless, open for anyone who wants to heal in any way whatsoever. Class ends with a time of sharing, prayer and meditation.  

Beginner Power Yoga: A slower and more detailed version of Power Yoga's (aka Astanga) famous "Primary Series." Nevertheless, if you are new to yoga or just not in your best shape this class can still be challenging. However, it is a great place to begin if you are in reasonably good shape and would like work towards a more vigorous style of asana (posture) practice, build strength, endurance,  flexibility, and all in a supportive, non-competitive environment.  Power Yoga cultivates the Fire Element...learn more about that HERE

Sun Do / Korean Taoist Yoga

Literally: the Immortal Way  ~ combines stretching and breath control of Hatha Yoga with the movements and ki (chi) flow development of Tai Chi. SunDo predates many Indian yoga and Tai Chi systems, and has been practiced virtually unchanged since it was founded nearly 10,000 years ago in ancient Korea. / A Sun Do practice begins with a series of stretching warm-ups and slow moving sequences which lead into a 40 minute period of tancheon (lower abdominal-embryonic) breathing in sync with Korean chanting that plays in the background. The practice ultimately helps to open the Sacral Chakra for bringing heaven and earth energy to ones center and cultivate energy.   



20 minutes of Yoga / 30 minutes of walking/jogging/running / (its up to you)  / 20 minutes of Yoga


5 Element Yoga Therapy

There is too much to describe here. Click on the tab above: Lotus Yoga Clinic / Elemental Yoga Therapy. Though that page describes more of what a one-on-one session is like it will still give you an idea of what a group class is like. Class begins with a 20 to 30 minute discussion of the Element.


An Afro-Brazilian art form, a fluid, rhythmic martial art; a ritual; a dance of deceptive vulnerability, wit, and grace. The intricate movements of Capoeira weave tradition, history, spirituality, and philosophy into a uniquely beautiful "game". Probably the most challenging aerobic, flexibility and acrobatic form of art/exercise you will ever find!   (Please Note: This can be a very challenging class. If you are not ready to sweat and get your heart pounding, you might want to consider another class.) 



If you are a bit older you might remember a certain president who had "Fireside Chats" over the radio with America. He got the idea from attending Baha'i Firesides. These are informal discussion groups that take on various topics among the world religions in search of truth, common ground, and unity.


Inter~Active Yoga

A variety of fun ways to connect with others. It usually starts with partner yoga, leading to some group exercises, and ultimately toward some simple methods of therapeutic Acro~Yoga.


Yoga Journeys: a combination of yoga, meditation, other holistic methods; even a little time for Mysore Style practice (see Mysore description on this page) all wrapped up in one!


Yoga Book Club  

It isn't necessary that you have read the chosen book before hand. It will be the focus for the first several gatherings. Some snacks provided, but please feel free to bring something to share. (No meat or alcohol please) Led by Professor Annie (NKU)


Gentle Yoga: Gentler than a regular Basics class, and students can also modify poses for more challenge, or enjoy it as restorative. Good for anyone who needs a careful and gradual approach to exercise, such as persons who have been physically inactive or recovering from injury, illness, seniors, pregnant or two months after childbirth.


All Levels Astanga: All levels. Covers all eight limbs of Patanjali’s classic yoga system: Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Raj Meditation.


Slow Flow: Beginners and intermediate students who want to simply relax and open with a slow, non-challenging, practice. Breathe, move, and feel your way through simple vinyasa flow, meditation, and relaxation to harmonize on every level—body, mind, and spirit.


*Hot Salsa Yoga: 

First we warm up with some Basic Yoga Asana, then we learn the basics of Salsa Dancing while simultaneously getting a fun aerobic workout. Furthermore, we learn how to connect with music and others in creative flow. The interplay between focus and flow while attenuating to another person is actually a deep practice; everything becomes yoga when you learn how to connect!  (*Hot only implies that you will sweat by your own efforts. We will not be heating up the room.)


Delsarte Choreography and Dance: No yoga or dance experience required. Learn to see, feel, and express the natural art within all things.


Pre-natal Yoga: For after the first trimester. Learn different breathing techniques and how to use breath and sound to release pain.  Focus on hips and hamstrings to prepare for birth. ** If high-risk pregnancy, need permission from doctor.**


Yoga Therapy: Basics. Good for anyone who needs a careful and gradual approach to exercise, such as persons who have been physically inactive or recovering from injury, illness, seniors, pregnant or two months after childbirth. Gentler than a regular basics class, and students can also modify poses for more challenge, or enjoy it as restorative.

Yoga Pilates: The core strength of Pilates blended with the holism of yoga. Discover your powerhouse and explore complete range of motion through every major joint in the body in every plane of movement. The routines will focus on using proper body alignment and increasing body awareness to improve coordination, balance, flexibility, and strength. Prerequisite - some experience in yoga or Pilates.

Progressive Meditation: This series is in response to the many requests of Will to continue the Vipassana and Progressive Meditation workshop he held back in July. The sessions will include philosophy, discussion, instruction, practice and reflection. Will has just returned from an intensive 2-month study in India and has lots to share with us.

Ambrosia: The salubrious nectar of a full yoga practice:  Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation.


Zumba: Zumba is not just a work-out regimen, Zumba fuses Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program that is thoroughly exciting and will leave you wanting more! Zumba helps you achieve long-term benefits while having FUN in one exciting hour of calorie-burning, body-energizing, awe-inspiring movements meant to engage and captivate.

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