New To CYS / Panch Maha Yoga?

Great! You've got 1 Full Week of Free and Unlimited Classes* to try out both of our locations! Use this time to find the classes that are best for you. Then choose the pricing plan that fits you best as well.  {No sales pressure, ever!} 

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Standard Membership - $49/mo

(aka: Lotus Membership)


Lotus Locals:

Pleasant Ridge, Amberly Village

Kennedy Heights & Silverton

Only $36/mo

Walk-in Option

1 Class = $15

Sorry, Lotus Members do not have access to classes at the Panch Maha (Hot) Yoga studio. For that you will need to purchase the Maha Membership. 

University Students

& Teachers

For a limited time, access both locations for just $39/mo!


Become A "Maha Member" within one week of completing your free trial and get 20% off!
This offer is for a very limited Time!

Click Here 

for more membership Options or to Purchase

There is no time commitment for any of our membership plans, but we do request 30 days notice before cancelling. Please Note: It is steady & sustained membership that enables us to keep our prices among the lowest in the region!

Standard Membership - $59/mo

(aka: Maha Membership)

Only $47: 

If you enroll within 1 week of free trial!

University Students - $49/mo

(aka: Maha Student Pass)

Only $39: 

If you enroll within 1 week of free trial!

Walk-in Option:

1 Class = $20

5 = $75 ($15 per)

10 = $120 ($12 per)

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