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Sincere enquirers should review all these details over a laptop rather than a smartphone

Vishwa Yoga 
Teacher Training
RYT 200
Feb 20 ~ Mar 14
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Includes Post Training Options For... 

Thai Yoga Massage


Levels 1 ~ 3

Mar 14 ~ 28, 2021



Thorough training with many opportunities to practice on actual clients; resulting in a

Practitioners Certificate 

Students will practice on each other (before practicing on those on retreat) on a daily basis. That means You will also be receiving daily massage.

You will also learn to

Create Personalized Ayurvedic Treatments

and have the opportunity to work with actual clients, under the guidance of the training director, and receive valuable feedback from both. 


Visits to the most amazing places in and near our lodge,

such as... 

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Yoga & Spa


an adventure in rejuvenation!

Mar 16 ~ 28, 2021



Morning and Evening Yoga Classes

Specialty Workshops

Almost Daily Thai Yoga Massage

 A Personalized Ayurvedic Yoga Program

specific to your own unique elemental constitution;

and taught to you by your own private yoga teacher.


Visits to the most amazing places in and near our lodge,

such as... 

Sorry, this page is still under construction.

Please return to it soon!

Note: Because this retreat runs alongside the TYM training, you will have more free time to see more of Belize than those in the training;



Nestled along the banks of the Macal River in San Ignacio, Belize, our private house at Sweet Songs Jungle Lodge is surrounded by lush tropical forest offering incredible wildlife and bird watching. At the base of the lodge is a private river beach with complimentary tubes for floating, kayaks for exploring, and evening bonfires to socialize and chill.

Private House
La Casona is located on 5 acres overlooking the Macal River, less than 5 minutes walking distance from the Treehouse Bar and the Belize Botanical Gardens. This spacious house has six bedrooms, four baths, and a game room with plenty of space to work,
      About Vishwa Yoga 
       ...and Belize
Vishwa means World or Universe.
Yoga practices can be found throughout both; gems of wisdom can be found most anywhere you look. However, there are some special power centers; places where internal dormant energies align with awakened planetary energies. For just as our bodies have special intersections of the elemental energies (the chakras), so too has the planet. Thus, people throughout the world and the ages have found ways to tap into these energies. And though it can be hard to find the ancient practices, the ancient lands of the Mayans, in Central America, still resonate with the energies of an advanced civilization that seemed to access wisdom far ahead of its time.
Archaeologists believe that Belize was at one time the center of the ancient Maya world; a home to more than 2 million Mayas. The Maya Empire evolved around 350 BC in the lowlands of Belize and northern Guatemala and reached its height from 250 A.D. to 900 A.D. Interestingly, there was also an Indian god, named Maya, who was said to have left India to come this very particular region of Central America. Legends also say that these two ancient civilizations were very advanced and held a rich spiritual ties; which could also explain many other similarities they share; particularly their profound calendars; which didn't mark just time, but also milestones for humanity's spiritual development. 
Over the past few years both the Mayan Calandar and the Indian Yuga Calandar have indicated that we have entered a new Yuga (age), Dwapar Yuga,  or the age of energy; or the energy of the 6th Sun, as the Mayan's put it. And, just take a look around, you see that everything is about energy these days; as well as floods of information pouring over us (for it is also the age of Aquarian water bearer); and all while many other energies are waiting to be released as well. Yes! it's all probably to help us save the planet; but also to take our individual and planetary yoga to the next level.
Nevertheless, we have a lot of work to do. It doesn't entirely happen on its own. Sure, the transition is happening either way, but how much suffering will humanity and the planet endure in the process!
Furthermore, it is the work that we do to help bring about these changes in the planet that ultimately creates the greatest changes in ourselves, and vice versa.
Vishwa Yoga is about the Panch Maha Bhuta; the Five Great Elements that make up the universe. 
It is the practice of unleashing and balancing elemental energies; as well as restraining them when needed. For example, you must have noticed lately that the planet is on fire, literally and metaphorically. The destructive, overly masculine energies of the Fire Element have long needed to be restrained, and thus, the cooling, calming, uniting and feminine powers of the Water Element have long needed to be released. 
It is such balancing of the elemental energies that will save the planet, and also bring health and harmony back to humanity. (And perhaps from the Fire and Water example given above, you can see that it also implies gender equality; and many other new levels of justice in general; for balance also requires justice).
Vishwa Yogas teaches us how to balance all the elements in ourselves and on the planet. 
No one element should dominate another, nor race, nor gender, nor should humans dominate nature. 
For the harmony of one is essential to all the other; in ourselves and on the planet.
This is also the need of this new Yuga (Age) we have begun. 
When there is the contracted movement of knowledge, the yogins in India withdraw from the world and practise yoga for their own liberation and delight or for the liberation of a few disciples;
but when the movement of knowledge again expands ... they come forth once more and work in the world and for the world...
(Today) the yoga we practice is not for ourselves alone, but for the Divine; its aim is to work out the will of the Divine in the world, to effect a spiritual transformation and to bring down a divine nature and a divine life into the mental, vital and physical nature and life of humanity. Its object is not personal Mukti, although Mukti is a necessary condition of the yoga, but the liberation and transformation of the human being. It is not personal Ananda, but the bringing down of the divine Ananda – Christ’s kingdom of heaven,
our Satyayuga – upon the earth.. ~Sri Aurobindo
In India, when yogis became ready to take their yoga to the next level they would often embark upon journeys of pilgrimage, visiting the most holy places throughout India and sometimes well beyond its borders. To this day, such pilgrimages are still believed to be an indispensible aspect of ones yogic journey, attracting boons and blessings, raising the consciousness of the individual and the planet  ...perhaps Maya was on such a pilgrimage when s/he went west!  
This page is just an overview of this special training that we are offering. But to go deeper into the training details you can Click Here.
This teacher training has been more profound than I could have ever imagined. Will is the special kind of educator that doesn't just teach, he enables and empowers. I have gained the skills to feel confident as a yoga teacher but at the same time the heart of this training was much deeper. Will's training opened up space for exploration, surrender, connection, and limitless growth. Perhaps the most important part is that I know this training has no real end. It has only opened a door, leading to another door, another, and then another, forever. I will be living this training for the rest of my life."~Ethan
To see more reviews, Click Here


You will have to get your own flight, but a recent check on and similar search engines is currently turning up flights that cost under $??? -round trip- from Ohio, USA. Places in the UK are likely to be much cheaper.



A Visa is not needed for most

US citizens, as well as citizens from most other countries. Nevertheless you should check to be sure!


If you don't have a passport you will want to start working on that pretty soon as it can take 4 to 6 weeks; and even longer if there are any glitches in the process.  


Contact us ASAP if you have

any questions whatsoever

or to register, as there can be a lot involved in traveling to the other side of the world. Don't wait til the last minute to look into it.

Once you contact us

we will keep you updated on any other information you will need.


Hope to hear from you soon! 


Please Note:

These are crazy covid times 

and they currently pose the possibility that this trip could be cancelled.

Thus, rest assured, if it is cancelled due to things outside of your or our control, we will give you a full refund. Also, if you happen to test positive for Covid 19 less than 30 days before departure, we will also Gladly give you a refund.



 we cannot give full refunds simply for changing your mind. It's understandable, but we cannot even begin to explain the budgetary and administrative difficulties it causes; especially when you consider the extraordinary price at which we offer this extraordinary experience. Thus, please be sure this is a decision you can carry thru before signing up; and also read the more thorough Refund Policy below.  

Paid in full between now and...

Early Bird Special


If paid before Nov 2021 



Deadline 1/20/2021 

{Price Includes $250 conditionally-refundable deposit}

Price Exclude:


This page is still under construction

Refund Policy / Please Read!  Though it is stated above that there is a "non-refundable" deposit of $300, one can still request a refund of this amount and we will do our best to grant it -provided that the request is made by December 1st 2020. This is because as the date of the event draws closer it becomes more difficult to grant any refund as the funds may have already begun to be allocated towards operating costs. Nevertheless, with the exception of the $300 deposit, any other amount that has been paid towards the total cost of the event will be refunded if the request is given by Dec 1st.    Thereafter, 

no refund should be expected, though one can always still make the request. Furthermore, if for some reason a refund is granted, it could likely take up to 6 months (or possibly more) for the full dispersal of a refund; esp if the request is made later than November 1st. This is not because of a lack of empathy for anyone who requests a refund, but as a necessity to protect the funds of the operation until it has been completed.

Covid 19 Update: Of course, if the training is cancelled or postponed due to issues such as Covid19 causing the government of Bali to institute a quarantine; or if ones home country does not allow travel due to the same, then full-refunds can be availed: so long as the related circumstances are out of the control of the participant. Nevertheless, the full dispersal of a refund, as stated above, could still take up to 6 months. 

B e l i ze

Rejuvenate, Heal

~ or ~

Become a Healer

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