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Bali Lodging Options

Casa Luna Entrance
Casa Luna Pool
Bali Moon
Permana Cottages
Kausala-at-Bisma Ubud
Gora House Ubud
Shambala Estate

Where You Live 

will play a big role in your overall experience of Ubud, Bali


Although most who attend our yoga training or retreat are expected to stay at the first 5 places listed below, we do not want anyone to feel locked into only those options; especially considering the incredibly low cost of lodging in Ubud may very well enable you to have an experience that you might never afford in places like the US, Australia or the UK. However, I want to be clear that our intention is not to promote indulgence in luxuries. The riches of Bali are formulated by its emphasis upon nature and spirituality. There are other 3rd world countries, that actually have far more wealth than Bali, and yet they often look rather impoverished in comparison. Therefore, Bali has a great lesson for the world: If you respect, honor and revere nature, then peaceful, healthy and stunningly beautiful surroundings can be something for everyone to enjoy; not just those who can afford it. Thus, it is our hope that all yoga students and retreaters will bring this lesson home with them and, more importantly, help to spread it far and wide!   

You are welcome to request one of the lodging options below, but we cannot guarantee which place it will be; especially as the time for the training draws nearer and certain lodges fill up. Nevertheless, each place is truly equal to the other, yet different. Thus, it is one's unique preferences that decide the better experience. For example, I love how Bali Moon is set back from the other lodges and overlooks a rice field. However, it does not have a pool as the other choices do. This is fine with me though, because I am not big on swimming and like it 90 degrees in the shade; and Bali Moon has lots of shade. But for those who like to cool off in the water, Bali Moon may not be your top pic.

In da Lodge
In Da Lodge
Permana Cottage
Permana Cottage
Bali Moon
Sorry, you can't stay here, as it's the former queen's pad. However it is less than a 10 min walk fr

The places listed above are all very close to where our training and retreat take place at Casa Luna. 

They are also very economically priced (with the exception of Casa Luna).


The places listed below provide unique experiences that, as suggested at the top of this page, you might want to try out, if only for the last few days of your retreat or training; or if you decide to stay longer. However, they are definitely NOT within walking distance to our training and retreat campus at Casa Luna. In fact, they are totally outside of the city of Ubud and totally immersed in nature. Nevertheless, you might never be able to stay at a place like this again! And if you are like me, it's not much different than my 20-30min commute to work each day in Cincinnati ...well except that the drive is ridiculously more beautiful!   

Bambu Indah

This place is pretty far outside of Ubud, so its not an option during our retreat, but if you decide to stay longer and you are very much into sustainable living and Bamboo, then this would be the ideal place to extend your stay.  It was built by the founder of Green School, John Hardy; and Green School is an award winning bamboo architectural wonder! 

Visit Website

Shambala Estate

Again, very far outside of Ubud city limits, so it is not an option during our training or retreat. But if you plan to stay longer in Bali this would be an amazing place to consider. Some say it is simply the best ~ and that is saying a lot!

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For those coming for the Yoga & Spa Retreat

Although for just $250 USD (added to the cost of your retreat) we can arrange for you to stay at one of the first 4 lodges mentioned below, we thought you might like to see more options since you are only paying for 12 days (not 30, like those who are doing the yoga teacher training). However, if you do opt for some place other than the first 4 lodges listed below (as well as any other places not listed on this page) you will need to reserve and pay for it on your own. Nevertheless, we are happy to assist you if we can.  

For those in the Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner Training

Although for just $250 USD (added to the cost of your training) we can arrange for you to stay at one of the first 4 lodges mentioned below, we thought you might like to see more options since you are only paying for 14 days (not 30, like those who are doing the yoga teacher training). However, if you do opt for some place other than the first 4 places listed below (as well as any other places not listed on this page) you will need to reserve and pay for it on your own. Nevertheless, we are happy to assist you if we can.  

For the Yogis in the Vishwa Ayurveda ~ Yoga Teacher Training

Most yoga training students will be staying in the first 3 places listed below; they are close to each other and just a 1-2 minute walk from our yoga training site at Casa Luna; unless of course you choose to stay at Casa Luna. In that case, you are already on our training campus. However, for Casa Luna, as well as for any other place that is not listed within the first 3 listed below, you will need to book and pay for those arrangements on your own. Otherwise, you can make a payment of $600 (in addition to your training tuition) and we will book and pay for your room for you. Or, you can pay just $300 and we will book half of your stay at one of the same 3 lodges listed below. In this way, you can have a nice place to stay while you shop around for something that better fits your taste or budget or both.

(There is also a very thrifty option below to stay at a wonderful hostel that is also near to our training site. And, although i don't recommend attempting to plan your whole 30 day stay at this hostel, you may find it pleasantly tolerable for the first week or so. And, in taking this option, you can save a lot of money while also shopping around for the perfect place that fits your budget -when you're ready to get a room all to yourself.  Scroll down to read more about it.)

Permana Cottage less than a minute walk to our yoga training and retreat area at Casa Luna. The pool is slightly better at Gora (see below), but the view of the rice fields is better at the cottage. They also have some devices set up for ariel yoga on campus (...though mostly used for their own trainings. So don't expect to be able to use them). They also offer a free breakfast and, from what I've heard is excellent.

Bali Moon about a 3 minute walk to our yoga training and retreat area at Casa Luna. I stayed there and found that the family that runs it became like family to me as well. So it's where my wife and I plan to stay upon our next visit. It doesnt have a pool, but makes up for it with its stone artistry and views of the rice fields. It also includes a free breakfast; and they might just ask you to join them for lunch and dinner as well. 


This place is literally right next to our yoga training and retreat area at Casa Luna. The rooms are quite large but the pool is quite little. However, it is surrounded by greenery and kind of seems like your very own, and usually it is (at least when I stayed there). They will keep you stocked with free coffee and a coffee maker, but no free breakfast ...but again, the rooms are quite large, which makes up for a lack of free breakfast. But honestly, most of our trainess and retreaters opt to try out the myriad of other amazing restaurants in the area each morning.

Gora the place where most of our yoga teacher trainees stay. Its as good or better than any of the other places listed above. It has two squeeky clean pools and a more modern than traditional feel. It is also less than a minute's walk from our retreat / training campus. And yep! It also Includes free breakfast.

On a really tight budget? Don't worry! Bali has something for everyone, such as...

In Da Lodge

Ranked number one among lodges in Ubud, i really had no idea a hostel with dorm style bunkbeds could be so cool. But even more cooler than that is the price. At only $3.50 per night, chances are only your lunch will cost more. The grounds are clean and somehow feel like you are out in the country-side. Although no free breakfast, they have a really good and healthy restaurant with great prices. There are 3 communal areas including one with a pool. So if you don't mind sharing a bunkbed and a bathroom with some really cool international travelers, you can't beat In Da Lodge!


Please Note: 

For those staying more than a week or two (like our yoga teacher trainees) sharing a room with up to 7 other people can become a bit much say the least. Also, those in yoga teacher training that choose this option will have to pay In Da Lodge directly. However, another great thing about "In da" is that you need not tell them ahead of time how long you intend to stay.  Therefore, once you get tired of group living and find a better option, all you need to do is tell them around noon that you won't be coming back in the evening; then pack your backpack, and head on over to whatever awesome new place you've found.)

Please Note:

Staying at any place below this line will require you to book and pay for it directly with the lodge - not through Vishwa Yoga Journeys.

Casa Luna Bali

(15% Discount through Vishwa Yoga Journeys) 

Casa Luna is also known as Honeymoon Guest House, but you don't have to be newly married to fall in love with the place, nor do you have to stay there to see it. This is because it is also the place where we hold our yoga training and yoga & spa retreat. Nevertheless, to stay here is basically to stay on campus. It's not as economical as most of the other places we offer, but if you get a roommate it may only be $18 to $40 per night; depending on the level of suite awesomeness you (and your roommate) choose.

Even if you do not opt to stay at Casa Luna you may still want to go to to take a look at the gorgeous location that our training and retreat will be held; as well as all the other services and amenities they offer such as detox programs and cooking classes.  On the other hand, if you do opt to stay "on campus" be sure to tell them you are a part of our yoga teacher training, TYM training or the yoga retreat so that you can get the 15% discount! 

"The 40 spacious rooms are spread over two traditional compounds set in lush gardens, overlooking lily ponds and stone statues. The rooms feature four-poster beds, mosquito-nets, wooden shutters, carved doors, marbled floors and Javanese teak sofas. Breakfast includes fresh tropical fruit, house-made yogurt and granola, warm freshly baked pastries and bread from The Honeymoon Bakery..."