Before you look below at lodging options in Ubud (other than the ones we offer and arrange) I want to thank Casa Luna Bali for allowing us to hold our yoga teacher training and retreat in their absolutely amazing resort! Furthermore, you may also want to thank them for their offer of 15% off of the gorgeous rooms they have that are on the same premises as our yoga training and retreat. Thus, even if you do not opt to stay at Casa Luna (which basically means staying on our retreat / training campus) you may still want to go to to take a look at this amazing place that our training and retreat will be held; as well as all the other services and amenities they offer such as detox programs and cooking classes.  On the other hand, if you do opt to stay "on campus" be sure to tell them you are a part of our yoga teacher training Or the yoga retreat so that you can get the 15% discount!  (We would be happy to make the reservation for you as well).  

Please do not try to go thru all this information on a smart phone.

Ubud Lodging Options

Where You Will Live 

will play a big role in your overall experience of Ubud


So although most who attend our training or retreat we expect to stay at the first 3 places listed below, we do not want anyone to feel locked into only those options; especially considering the incredibly low cost of lodging in Ubud may very well enable you to have an experience that you could never come close to affording in places like the US or the UK (...not that those places even have anything close to the experience of Bali). However, I want to be clear that our intention is not to promote indulgence in luxuries. The riches of Bali are formulated by its emphasis upon nature and spirituality. There are other 3rd world countries, that have much more wealth than Bali and yet these places look rather impoverished in comparison. Therefore, Bali has a great lesson for the world to learn: if you respect, honor and glorify nature as an expression of the Divine then peaceful, healthy and stunningly beautiful surroundings can be something for everyone to enjoy; not just those who can afford it. Thus it is our hope that all yoga students and retreaters will bring this lesson home with them and, more importantly, help to spread it far and wide!   

Some of the pics above are in the list below and some are just to give you a taste of other possibilities. You might even consider spending most of your time lodged at one of the "cheap" places, but then for your final few days of training you might spend a little extra and experience something extraordinary!  I've actually seen this recommended a few times and when you see all the options in Ubud it starts to make a lot of sense. Of course its nice to have it all settled before you get there, but it is quite possible when you see other options after you have been there for a while that you wish you had paid a few bucks more to be in a certain atmosphere. Or it could be the opposite, you may find that you wish you were not paying that extra 10 bucks after you find you're hardly ever in your room anyway. Nevertheless, its good to have something booked and waiting for you well before you get there. Therefore you might want to book half your time at one place and the other half, or maybe even a third, trying out another atmosphere. But also bear in mind, the longer you wait to book a place the greater the possibility it will not have an available room for the length of time that you need; especially if you are coming for the 28 day training rather than the 12 day retreat. In fact, the longer you wait the more you may find it actually necessary to book at least 2 different places . But its ultimately not a big deal as there is always available places at all price levels; and the majority of them do not require a deposit. 


Every place mentioned on this page we know to be quite nice and that the prices range from $10 to $80 per night. But also consider this: After paying for the training or retreat and your flight you may want things as cheap as possible. Thus, although we can't guarantee it, we may be able to hook you up with a roommate from the training looking for the same. In this case, there's a good chance you might be able to pay as little as $5 a night by splitting the cost on a $10 double room! /// On the other hand, maybe your budget isn't that tight but you're still willing to have a yoga roommate. In this case you could just pay maybe $25 to $40 per night on the cost of a $50 to $80 room. In other words, by splitting the cost you could stay in a true paradise that would probably cost you $300 to $3000 per night in the US or the UK. ~Or maybe you prefer to have a room all to yourself. That's fine too! No matter what you get in Ubud, odds are, it will still be a pretty awesome deal no matter what the price is!  

On a really tight budget? Don't worry! it is not at all hopeless. Bali has something for everyone's budget, such as the following:

Gogo Backpackers House is a clean, friendly and comfortable small hostel located in the centre of Ubud. The staff goes above and beyond to provide the ultimate Bali experience for their guests. The Ubud hostel is run by a sweet family who will sit and chat with you any time of the day and make suggestions on where to go and what to do. The beds are very comfortable with privacy curtains, individual lights, outlets and lockers. It’s set back from the street so you won’t hear street noise and the breakfast is delicious with 3 options. This affordable hostel is one of the best I’ve ever stayed in with motorbike rentals available just outside, the top attractions within walking distance and tours available to book at the front desk. This is easily one of the best hostels in Ubud, if not the best!

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Wayan’s Family Hostel

is a comfortable, cosy and welcoming hostel. The rooms are built in a traditional Balinese style home with 4 bed dorms and private rooms available. The hostel staff are there at any time to help you plan what to see in Ubud, book tours and onward travel. There is a communal area with a pool and ensuite bathrooms. This hostel is centrally located and is within walking distance of all the major sites to see in Ubud.

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We just don't have time or space to list them all, but you can see many more great places at many price points at this link:

The places listed above are all very close to where our training and retreat take place at Casa Luna. 

They are also very economically priced.


The places listed below provide unique experiences that, as suggested at the top of this page, you might want to try out for the last few days of your training. However a couple of them, as noted in the descriptions, are definitely not within walking distance to our training site at Casa Luna; so you would have to get a bike, scooter or taxi.

Nevertheless, who knows when you might ever be able to stay at places like these again!

For Yogis on Retreat

This page is probably most useful to those coming to our Bali Yoga Retreat    Feb 12th - 24th.  Most of our yogis in training (Jan 19 - Feb 17) will have arranged their lodging thru us at the first 3 sites listed below.  But for those of you on retreat, we thought you might like to see more options since you are only paying for 12 days, not 28). Nevertheless, whether you are on retreat or in the training if you opt for some place other than the first 3 places listed below, you will need to reserve it on your own. Nevertheless, we are happy to assist you if we can.  

For Yogis in Training

Most yoga training students will be staying in the first three places listed below; these places are close to each other and just 2 to 5 minutes walk  from our yoga training site at Casa Luna; unless of course you choose to stay at Casa Luna. In that case, you are already on our training campus.

Casa Luna Bali

(15% Discount for our students and those on retreat) 

This is the place where we actually hold our training. So to stay here is basically to be on campus. Its not as economical as most of the other places below, but if you get a roommate it may only be $18 to $30 per night; depending on the level of suite awesomeness you (and your roommate) choose.

"The 40 spacious rooms are spread over two traditional compounds set in lush gardens, overlooking lily ponds and stone statues. The rooms feature four-poster beds, mosquito-nets, wooden shutters, carved doors, marbled floors and Javanese teak sofas. Breakfast includes fresh tropical fruit, house-made yogurt and granola, warm freshly baked pastries and bread from The Honeymoon Bakery, as well as, Balinese specialties and other modern fare. Mosquito nets and repellant coils, daily housekeeping, bar fridge replenished daily, tea, coffee and two flasks of boiling water, water dispenser and front patio with table and chairs are provided for your comfort."

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Kausala at Bisma Ubud

Kausala is very close to our training site; less than a 1 minute walk. It is also adjacent to a place with some wonderful home style cooking at an amazing price. I stayed here last for $10 per night. Yes, that would be $5 bucks if you get a roommate. (however i think it will be $14 during high season; so just add 2 bucks and a roommate. And, again, there's a good chance we can arrange that for you. But don't wait around too much. Like Permana Cottage (below) they are also in high demand. You can see a pic of my room from the perspective of the pool in the carousel of pics above. You can also see more pics and Check for discount rates on Agoda. Or go thru CYS to reserve it for you. We might be able to get it for less. 

Permana Ubud Cottage

This is an affordable place that some of our 2020 students are already booked at. It is usually in high demand due to its balance of affordability within a great location and classic, but less expensive, Balinese style. Its also along a very beautiful walking path that leads to our yoga shala at Casa Luna. So don't hesitate to book if you think this is the place you want to stay.  It's about $20 a night but even that you could split with a room mate. Permana requires no deposit and no cancellation fee. So again, don't hesitate to book it asap! See the pics and Check for discount rates on Agoda

Tu Eka Homestay

Tu Eka offers good value accommodation in comfortable walking distance from all the main attractions – generally around US $10-15 on Agoda. The air-con rooms, in a classic Balinese garden setting with flowers, statues and birdsong, feature details like four-posters and hand-carved doors for an authentically Balinese feel that’s a bit more interesting than yer average homestay. See some pics and Check for discount rates on Agoda

Hibiscus Cottage

is about $28 USD  per night ($14 w/roommate) and includes free breakfast. This is not a place we have checked out and therefore have not written much about it. However it is but recommended by the manager at Casa Luna who also assure sus that it is very close to our training site. Other nearby places the manager has recommended are:


is about $22 USD per night ($11 w/roommate). I don't know if it includes free breakfast but i just came from their website ( and it looks awesome. It is also right in the heart of the town adjacent of the Bali Palace. 

Bisma Eight

This awesome place is actually within walking distance of our yoga training site. It is a contemporary, hugely awarded boutique hotel that just may be the answer to your lodging prayers, sitting on leafy Jalan Bisma roughly halfway between Monkey Forest Temple and the Ubud Royal Palace: they’re 15 minutes walk in either direction. Yet Jalan Bisma is still at heart a ricefield road and come nightfall you’ll still hear the sounds of the sawah issuing from the greenery that surrounds you: Bisma Eight even has its very own 53-are farm just down the road. The rooftop houses a very solid restaurant with spectacular views. Rooms, which are all suites, feature Japanese bathing tubs in the bathrooms, cool dividing screens, and contemporary design that wouldn’t, but for the greenery, feel out of place in Ginza. The pool is pretty, too.
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Sri Ratih Cottages

Penestenan, known as an “artists’ village”, may hit the sweet spot for you; if you don’t mind braving steps and hills. Penestenan is walkable to our training site provided you are a walking enthusiast. It is  also an easy hop from the classic walk along Campuhan Ridge. Sri Ratih Cottages enjoy a great location: far enough into Penestenan to feel rural, but not so far that walking into town means hiring a scooter or a car, and also a feasible walk from the high-end eateries of Sanggingan. Rooms are fresh and modern, with outdoor showers and a contemporary take on Balinese style that’s very attractive for the price point. There’s a pool and expansive gardens, with ricefield walks just seconds from your doorstep. And, at least on Agoda, the rates are right.
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Sri Bungalows

Slightly further away than Bisma Eight but closer than Sri Ratih Cottages, these bungalows are right in the heart of the action, yet pleasingly set back from it, amid gardens and ricefields just at the top of Monkey Forest Road, which is about as central as it gets in Ubud. But it doesn’t feel either noisy or central, thanks to the quiet gang you need to stroll down to discover them. The deluxe rooms feature everything the flashpacker could desire: fresh, modern bathrooms, airy four-poster beds, and terraces with views across the ricefields. There are no fewer than two pools in the pretty gardens. As with much mid-priced Indonesian accommodation, unless your haggling skills are solid you are likely best off booking through an online platform like Agoda.
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Taman Indrakila

Your going to need a scooter or taxi to get to our training site from here, but when you look across the pool into the gorge and turn to admire the sacred mountain Gunung Agung from your verandah, it’s hard to care. Air-conditioned classic Balinese bungalows feature details like hand-carved doors and sculpted brickwork, as well as airy four-posters with drapes, and terraces with tables, chairs and staggering views. The simple bathrooms let the side down but explain the sensible price, while the included breakfast is on the dainty side. The adjoining Elephant Cafe serves up good-quality vegan fare while you’re well positioned for fine dining at Mozaic, Room 4 Dessert, and more.
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