A Brief Overview About Archetypes

By Donald Nicely

In my work and personal life I focus on 7 main archetypes (Lover, Warrior, Magician, King/Queen/Ruler, Feminine, Masculine and The Within).

Each of these archetypes holds sub-archetypes. For example, within the realm of the Warrior resides the Hero, Avenger, Destroyer, Rebel, Outlaw, Explorer and Destroyer. Likewise, within the realm of the King is the Elder, Mentor, Tyrant, Abdicator.

In some ways we can look at these sub-archetypes as healthy/unhealthy manifestations of the core archetype. However, most of the sub-archetypes are neither inherently positive or negative and can take on healthy or unhealthy forms themselves.

 All of the main archetypes can be broken down into various sub-archetypes. We will address each of these in more detail in future posts.

It is important to note that various schools of thought, different cultures, and so forth may name or define energies in different ways. Many people define a great number of archetypes which I will not elaborate on. Additionally, some people do not look at sub-archetypes and instead define each archetype as its own energy.

While it is true that each energy is unique in its own way, I find the categorization I use to be helpful in organizing the energies and looking at how they show up in my life.