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Sorry! CYS Is Closed 

Like so many other places, CYS will be closed until the Covid19 curve is flattened. In the interim we will keep you posted of when we get close to opening via our newsletter wherein we will also post some videos and streams other than those seen in the calendar above. If you are not receiving them please send an email to

Memberships Extended
We hope and pray no one wants to jump (member) ship, as i can tell you now that this ship will only continue floating so long as there is a full crew on board. We truly need every single able bodied member. Thus, for any of you standing at the rails fastening your life-jacket, Please! Don't jump! Let's at least wait until mid April to see how bad things really are ...or aren't. Who knows, maybe its great or maybe i jump with you. However, I can already tell you this: For however many weeks or (gawd forbid) months (within reason) this Armageddon lasts, we will extend your membership renewal date; at least for as long as we can pay the bills.

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