Teacher Bios

(FYI: There are several teachers, presently teaching or have taught for us in the past that are not listed here. We are still waiting on some of the bios for present teachers)

Will (William Brashear / E-RYT 500) is the president of Cincinnati Yoga School and has completed well over 3000 hours in various yogic trainings; with over 10,000 hours teaching. He has studied yoga since 1987 and traveled regularly throughout India since 2003 to deepen his knowledge, practice and skills as a teacher. He trained at the Advanced (500hr) level 3 times in India. Once through the Swara Yoga School in Elemental Yoga Therapy and on 2 different occasions in with "Masterji" Vishwanath (nephew and former assistant to “Guruji” Patabhi Jois) at the Foundation for Patanjali Yoga Kendra. His 200 level training was in America in the Kripalu Yoga tradition by Martha Abbot, as well as Advanced training in Thai Yoga Massage thru the Lotus Palm school with Rishi Dion at "Yogaville's" Satchitananda Ashram in Virginia.


In 2004 Will assembled a crew of yoga teachers from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and other yogic lineages throughout India to create a model Graduate Degree program for Antioch University McGregor (AUM) in Integral Yoga Psychology. He is also the only student to be certified by Joe Williams to teach the Delsarte System of Expression. (Joe Williams is the only master teacher of the system in the world.) 


Will has served on the Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'i's of Cincinnati and other communities for many years and was asked by the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'i's of India to create materials to help Baha'i communities connect and correlate with Hindu and Buddhist communities through the teachings of yoga.


As a long time student of comparative/complementary religion, Will is the author of The Yoga of Religion (Inland Press, 2004) and was the host of YOGA: The Other 98%, on 1530 WCKY –The Revolution of Talk Radio.


Will has been the Director of Yoga Teacher Trainings for CYS, CYTA (Cincinnati Yoga Teachers Association), Frankfort Yoga Studio, Vishwa Yoga and Vishwa Yoga Journey. There are also plans to team up with the Swara Yoga school based in Portugal to help in creating a 1000 hour Elemental Yoga Therapy program. 


However, Will considers his greatest accomplishment as starting an elementary school that serves around 100 impoverished children in Chandigarh, India; and funded by the (501c3) non-profit organization known as Virtues First, International; of which he co-founded and serves as president. Most of the profits from this training go to this organization to help and empower India's needy:  www.virtuesfirstprojects.com



Michelle Emanuel graduated from CYS Yoga Teacher Training in June 2014 and is certified through Yoga Alliance.  She completed a 40 hour certification in Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra and has a consistent personal daily practice of yoga nidra for stress management and health benefits.  Michelle has spent many years learning various bodywork methods, including CranioSacral Therapy, Reflexology and baby massage, among others.  In addition to this, Michelle is an Occupational Therapist and specializes in working with newborn to precrawling babies through her TummyTime! (TM) and Baby Yoga classes.


Savithri began her yoga journey in Cincinnati about 10 years ago, learning on and off until she decided to go for a teacher training to deepen her practice in 2009 and become a registered ERYT teacher with Yoga Alliance. She practiced & studied yoga with numerous master teachers throughout India and in the US. She studied various styles of yoga including Ashtanga, Iyengar Yoga, and HathaYoga and she developed a deeper commitment to her practice and instruction each day since then. She says, 'It is as much a pleasure to teach someone their 1st Sun salutation as it is to teach a more challenging asana transitions in an advanced class." 


Savithri has a passion for living a healthy, vibrant and purposeful life. She has spent many years expanding her knowledge of holistic health principles and loves to share these ideas with others.  She now teaches Hatha, Ashtanga,Yin and Restorative yoga classes.


Her Dharma is to share and spread the yogic teachings. Savithri's teaching style reflects her personal practice. Yoga has offered her a wonderful new perspective on life and given her a great deal of strength both physically and mentally. She continues to further her knowledge from every chance she gets to deepen her understanding of the asana, pranayama, meditation and yoga philosophy.
Though she is a Yang by nature, to prolong and sustain her yoga practice and other interests in life, she moved to a slow healing style such as Iyengar yoga which also aided her practice of pranayama and meditation.
(Savithri is shown above at "The Valley of Flowers" which is at an altitude of 12,000 feet in the Himalayas!) 

Jeff Emerson, E-RYT 500. Jeff studied yoga at Cincinnati Yoga School and has used his understanding of yoga and yogic philosophy to incorporate both into doing and teaching yoga for those who are on the spiritual path of recovery from addictive behaviors. Jeff has started one of the first teaching programs for those who are in recovery in the country. Deepening and securing the recovery process by working on the body, mind, and spirit relationship. Jeff has studied meditation for a number of years and teaches meditation at Lebanon prison and the drop in center downtown.  Jeff is also a Reiki Master and trainer as well as a Thai Yoga Bodyworker, enabling him to combine the two art forms into a uniquely powerful healing experience.



Janet Osmond, RYT is a certified Kripalu instructor.  Her classes have a strong focus on body awareness alignment and modifications. For Janet Yoga is a haven which creates health and well-being for the body, mind and spirit. 








Kristin Dietsche teaches Kimoodo and has been training for over a decade at Cincinnati Taekwondo Center. She is a certified martial arts instructor and has earned black belts in Kimoodo and Taekwondo. She recently completed the Personal Trainer Certificate program at Cincinnati State allowing her to combine the latest principles of exercise science with Asian mind-body practices. She has been a teacher in a wide range of settings and loves to work with people as they take on important life-changing projects, whether it’s a dissertation or the most important project of all improved health, wellbeing, and happiness.

Master Roy Bushman, 8th dan black belt with I K Kim Ja Be Ryu Tae Kwon Do, teaches the Sun Do classes and began Tae Kwon Do under Grand Master Kim in 1972. Roy Bushman is the Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana Sun Do Instructor for the International Sun Do Association www.sundo.org and Lotus Yoga Temple has one of the few Midwest locations to teach this art. Mr. Bushman met Be Kyung during his stay in the U S during the 1970’s and uses Sun Do to keep his martial arts abilities sharp though over 50 years of age. He attends at least 3 Sun Do retreats each year (California, Vermont and British Columbia) under Master Hyun Moon Kim, who leads Sun Do in the United States.




Mary Kemper, RYT was introduced to yoga by her mother, and later became a Kali Ray (Kaliji) TriYoga teacher (Basics through Level 3), past vice-president of the Cincinnati Yoga Teachers Association (CYTA), and an American Council on Exercise group fitness instructor. She is inspired to share the teachings of master yogini Kaliji, founder of TriYoga, to students of all ages and fitness levels in classes and workshops. TriYoga incorporates postures, breath, and meditation to bring health and balance to body, mind, and spirit. It is the science of health, happiness, and wisdom. 


Ellen Zipperstein, RYT is a Kripalu Yoga certified teacher. She has been practicing yoga for over twelve years and teaching it for the past four.  Ellen had previously been on the faculty of Northern Kentucky University's Theatre Department, teaching Ballet, Modern Dance and Choreography.  She uses her knowledge of moving from the center, alignment, and self inquiry to guide students to discover their own yoga path. Ellen believes if you open your heart and mind to your breath your body will follow.




Monique Klasmeier, RYT has been teaching yoga in the Cincinnati area since 2000. She is a graduate of the Cincinnati Yoga Teachers Association teacher/apprenticeship program and a certified yoga instructor through Atma Yoga with Christopher Ken Baxter. Monique focuses her classes on awareness from within, finding a place of steadiness and comfort which will allow the body to receive the most benefit from warm-ups, asanas and relaxation; thus promoting flexibility, strength and relieving the effects of stress on the body. She encourages her students to approach their practice with gratitude and honor towards one's self, only then, can one benefit truly from the practice of yoga. 





Teacher Legend

Below is a small list of some of the teachers who have taught for CYS in the past and return from time to time.


(FYI: There are several teachers, presently teaching or have taught for us in the past that are not listed here. We are still waiting on some of the bios for present teachers)


Carmen Morgan fell in love with dance as a child. Throughout her life she has taken all sorts of movement classes and started teaching fitness classes 11 years ago. When yoga came into her life she knew exactly what she was supposed to do. Finding Cincinnati Yoga School was the perfect place to start her journey as a yoga teacher. She followed Will to Goa, India for her 200 hour Registered Teacher Training. Making time in her busy schedule and making yoga a priority in her life has changed her immensely. "I feel like yoga has made me a happier and more peaceful person. I hope that I can share my passion for it and help people to feel the peace and gratitude that it has given me."
You can expect to get a bit sweaty in her power yoga class as you flow through fun and challenging poses. 



Christian Hartman graduated from CYS RYT 200 Yoga Teacher Training in March 2011. He leads Yin Yoga classes and is also the organizer of the semi-regular Tribal Stomp music and dance jams held at the Lotus Yoga Temple as well as other venues around Cincinnati. Christian also braved the Vipassana International intensive meditation training which has enhanced his facilitation of meditation groups around the region.

Donald Nicely, RYT completed his 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2010 and is poised to pursue a 500 level certificate. He has studied Yogic philosophy and practiced Yoga, off and on, for over 10 years. Over the past year  he has found inspiration to deepen his practice and to share it with others and has been teaching at CYS since March 2010.He also holds a MA in Conflict Resolution, is certified in Thai Yoga Bodywork/Massage, and is a Reiki Level I Practitioner. In addition to teaching Yoga, he provides individual and couples coaching services and group workshops on personal growth and healing, mediation, communication, boundaries, anger management and parenting. Donald understands Yoga to be the most powerful path to healing and personal growth.  Through Yogic practices we learn to be in touch with ourselves, the world and the Divine. Yoga provides the tools and space to find clarity and develop wisdom.